Polaroid Headquarters 2008: interesting Helvetica signage: “STOP. fasten seat belts”: I like the roadway signage theme they had, with the use of Helvetica as the text face, and the custom-drawn icons that didn’t quite match anything I’ve seen elsewhere, but “kind of” looks like American signage, and “kind of” looks like European signage. The stop signs were the most interesting of all, as far as this goes. It’s not quite Helvetica, I think (maybe some variant, or just another modern sans-serif), but unlike stop signs anywhere else, it’s also not an octagon, but a circle. Easy enough to understand, sure, that’s not the point. The real question is who thought the octagon needed changing, and why? Why bother? Didn’t they have real problems to deal with, like, oh, say, switching from film to digital in time to stay in business? Apparently not.


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