DJIA 1970-2008: Google Finance: DJIA Jan 1970 – Oct 2008 The interesting thing about the long term trend here, to me, is the way it just kind of lazily bumps along in the upper few hundreds through the 1970s, doesn’t break 1000 before 1982, then crests relatively quickly to 2600 in 1987 before the first big crash. But from there, it climbs pretty steadily — if with increasing volatility — to around 1150 in mid-2000, before racheting down to 7864 in Feb 2003, then another quick scramble up above 14000 in Oct 2007, before now wiping out nearly of the most recent rise in the past year. While the logarithmic version of the same chart seems to smooth out a lot of the volatility, it still seems like the basic trend, at least in absolute terms, is for it to lurch awkwardly upward, drunken sailor style. Or maybe the better comparison might be bulimia, binge & purge? Hm. Anyway. Dow 5000, here we come! Can the Dow actually go negative? That would be SO COOL. Can’t wait. SO EXCITED. The Dow fell 18.15% this week. The last week that was this bad was July 1933, when it fell only 15.55%. Further: Today, Oct 10, 2008, was the first ever 1000+ single-day drop (though it did recover a bit by the end of the day. After the 1929 crash, it took 25 years to recover. So is that what we’re facing now? Another 25 years to get back to where we were a year ago? and this with China & India and the rest rising, and entangled indefinitely in at least two foreign wars, and a rapidly multiplying deficit, plus peak oil, global warming, and some other bozo writing more Hitchhiker books? This isn’t the future of jet packs and flying cars and peace & prosperity I signed up for. But don’t panic!


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