For a while now, I’ve been posting random links to Facebook, and cross-posting them to Twitter when I thought to do so.

This worked fine for the people that use Facebook, but not so well for anyone else that, for whatever reason, either doesn’t have or doesn’t like Facebook. Plus, the tools for looking through older links were thin, and behind a password wall, so Google (etc) wasn’t able to help here.

At the same time, I have a Vox blog that I update increasingly rarely, mainly because the WYSIWYG editor for composing posts was always flaky, with no obvious way to just switch to a raw HTML mode or equivalent markup (MarkDown, some wiki-esque dialect, whatever). There was a way to post to Vox from their Facebook app, but this has the annoying habit of posting multiple copies of each item, which is a cure worse than the disease.

Which brings us to Posterous. My plan is to have this be primarily a linkblog that replaces the links that were going to Facebook or Twitter, but with occasional original writing, photos, videos, etc sprinkled in as well.

For now, anything I post here will get automatically cross-posted to the other sites, but if that’s annoying, let me know and I can turn that off.

For something other than random links and the like, you can find me at other services, too, such as
if you want.

We’ll see how this goes.


2 thoughts on “Posterous

  1. There’s a new open-access community workshop in Somerville called the Artisan’s Asylum that is trying to make available all sorts of tools (think wood working equipment, welding tools, circuits, sewing machines) so that people can create the things they’ve always wanted to.We’re trying to measure interest in different kinds of classes that might be offered in August/September and find out what kinds of things people would like to learn about. We’re trying to get as many people as possible to fill out our class interest survey – could you post a link to it on your blog?The survey is at:'s so much!F

  2. Hi Chris, I just saw one of your photos online, which you took in Boston a while back. The picture is of a graffiti ‘Follow Your Dreams Cancelled’. I have an independent greetings card company here in London and I license images from indie photographers all around the world for use on the cards. Do you have a high def version and would you be interested in letting me have a non-exclusive license to make a greeting card out of it? There’s not a huge amount of money in it I’m afriad… I usually pay $100 for four images per photographer, but I only want the one from you. But as it s a one off I am happy to pay $50. I would of course Credit you on properly and send you some samples for you do give to your friends and family.Let me know what you think.ThanksAndrew


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