Randazza Strikes Again: Glenn Beck is “the Butt” – Bostonist

Have you ever wanted to call Glenn Beck “the butt” repeatedly in a public forum where it really matters? Gloucester attorney Marc J. Randazza got the chance.

We’ve been following Randazza’s defense of Florida resident Isaac Eiland-Hall against claims filed by the conservative crackpot in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) arbitration court. Eiland-Hall runs the parodical website glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com, and Beck has argued that the domain name violates international rules, if not the First Amendment. We’re always glad to get a hold of new pleadings in this case because they are hilarious. Today’s filing, a surreply from Randazza, does not disappoint.

“Glenn Beck is the butt of a viral joke. He may not get the joke, but this does not make the joke likely to confuse or subject the domain name to transfer under the UDRP. Glenn Beck’s failure to understand these basic principles of law does not make the joke any less humorous, and does not make him any less of the butt. The First Amendment protects Respondent’s right to make Glenn Beck the butt, and his hypocritical attempts to squelch legitimate free speech criticism do nothing to portray himself in a more flattering light. Because his arguments do not satisfy Section 4(a) of the Policy, his request should be denied. Because he has attempted to silence a critic by circumventing (and thereby devaluing) the First Amendment — which he publically (and in this proceeding) claims to love — he should be deeply ashamed.”


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