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Nokia-messaging-beta-2GLOBAL – The second beta of Nokia Messaging for Social Networks has been released and brings with it a bunch of new features for social networking. The first release gave users the ability to update their Facebook status from Nokia Messaging and keep on top of their newsfeed. The second release builds on that, delivering even more great features. Twitter is the big addition, with the ability to follow Twitter feeds right from the homescreen, jump in and interact with Twitter, follow links, updates and reply to tweets.

You can check out your Facebook newsfeed too, but new for this release comes the ability to call a Facebook friend from within the client. You can also combine your Facebook and phone calendars, so you can easily keep track of your friends’ events, such as upcoming birthdays. You can even go to an event in Facebook, reply and add it to your phone calendar.

This is a new level of integration for Nokia devices and services such as Facebook and Twitter. I think it looks pretty cool. If you’re a Nokia N97, N97 mini or 5800 user, get over to Betalabs and download the beta. Don’t forget to leave your feedback, too. Here’s a quick video to show you around.

See more about Nokia Messaging.

Download Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta 2.

I really don’t have any choice but to go along with marketing this hyper-targeted at me, do I? :-)

Does this make me Robert Scoble? *shudder*


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