City to give away tickets to skate at Fenway Park | Universal Hub

Boston will distribute tickets for free public skating at Fenway on two days next month at community centers across the city this Saturday between 9 and 11 a.m. (except in Chinatown, where the hours will be 12-2).

Boston residents (and, yes, proof of residency will be required) can get up to four tickets per family for either Jan. 3 or Jan. 10, according to the mayor’s office. Roughly 3,000 tickets will be distributed. The rink, now set up to let the Bruins and the Flyers play on New Year’s Day, will be open to ticket holders during the afternoon and evening, thanks to sponsorship from SunLife.

If any Boston residents just happen to pick me up some extra free tickets for this as a free Christmas present, I totally wouldn’t mind. At all.

You Boston residents rock, you know that?

If there’s any other ways I can pander to you between now & tomorrow, you’ll let me know, right?


You guys really do seriously & totally rock.

And so handsome, too. Did I mention that? Oh yes, very handsome indeed. Have you been working out? That color looks great on you. And are you doing something new with your hair. I like it. 

Like I say, you need pandering, I’m here for you, superstar. Hit me up.


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