“For Holidays, Peabody house is transformed into a castle” – Boston Globe, Dec 23 1990

PEABODY – For Shirley and Arthur LaBrie, Christmas is a seasonwhen their home is indeed their castle.

For the past few years, the South Peabody couple have spreadjoy and wonder to young and old as they transform their ranch-stylehome on Bowditch Avenue Extension into a “Christmas Castle,”glowing with more than 60,000 lights, glistening with 27 Christmastrees, and creating a kingdom of characters and figurines straightout of fantasyland.

Clutching canes, carriages, and grandchildren, thousands ofvisitors climb two steep hills off Overlea Avenue and FairviewAvenue every evening from Thanksgiving Dec. 28 to witness thespectacular display of lights and animated figurines …

Is this place on Bowditch Avenue in Peabody the fancy Christmas decorations house that I was hearing about? This article is the only mention of it I can find, and it was from 1990. Is the family still doing this, 19 years later?


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