Verizon Responds to Consumer Complaints – Pogue’s Posts Blog –

Here’s what really gets me, though. Verizon justifies early-cancellation fees by noting the huge gap between a customer’s purchase price and a phone’s real cost. For example, you might pay $200 for a BlackBerry that, on the open market, would cost $500. Over your two-year contract, you’re paying Verizon back the rest of the full price. That’s how the American cellphone industry works.

O.K., great. We’re with you so far.

But if I were the F.C.C., I’d have two big questions about this:

1. How come our monthly bills don’t drop at the end of two years, once we’ve fully paid for the phone?

2. Verizon says that we, the customers, can avoid the early-cancellation penalty if we’re willing to pay the full retail price of the phone up front ($500 or whatever). Fine. But then why do we have to pay the same monthly fee as somebody who got the discounted price?

What are we missing here?

I’ll never understand why having the iPhone on Verizon would be a good thing, given nonsense like this.

Not that AT&T is any better about this, mind you. The cost of my iPhone would have been paid off quite a while ago, but I’m still not seeing a discount on my monthly bill either.


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