Schneier on Security: Vatican Admits Perfect Security is Both Impossible and Undesirable

This is refreshing:

Father Lombardi said it was not realistic to think the Vatican could ensure 100% security for the Pope and that security guards appeared to have acted as quickly as possible.

It seems that they intervened at the earliest possible moment in a situation in which zero risk cannot be achieved,” he told the Associated Press news agency.

“People want to see him up close and he’s pleased to see them closely too. A zero risk doesn’t seem realistic in a situation in which there’s a direct rapport with the people.”

EDITED TO ADD (1/4): This is particularly enlightened in comparison to the fears that somehow the President was endangered by people sneaking into a dinner with him. Presidents meet and shake hands with uncleared random people all the time; the Secret Service knows how to deal with that sort of thing.

No really, I could just re-post everything Schneier writes.

I’ll stop here for now though.


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