Robert Christgau: CG: Artist 449: Faith No More, “The Real Thing” and “Angel Dust”

Faith No More

  • The Real Thing [Slash/Reprise, 1990] B-
  • Angel Dust [Slash/Warner Bros., 1992] ***

Consumer Guide Reviews:

The Real Thing [Slash/Reprise, 1990]
With rap, funk, hardcore, and falafel-joint rai seasoning their metallic stew, a new front man thinks hard about life and horror comics while under the influence of I hate to think what. “Epic,” which old people will think is about the terrors of sex though it’s really about the terrors of everything, and “Zombie Eaters,” a jaundiced if not jealous view of a baby’s world, delineate their generational chauvinism, and art-AOR keybs establish the depths of their cultural deprivation. Not as stupid as they sound–but do they sound stupid. B-

Angel Dust [Slash/Warner Bros., 1992]
but it’s really great shit (“Land of Sunshine,” “Midlife Crisis,” “Midnight Cowboy”) ***

About that review for Angel Dust: best five word review ever?


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