10 Reasons Why “Flash Gordon” is Awesome | MovieSet Behind the Scenes blog

flash gordon title 10 Reasons Why “Flash Gordon” is Awesome

In the winter of 1980 there came a movie that shattered the way that film critics and audiences viewed movies – but for all of the wrong reasons. Due to the runaway success of Star Wars in 1977, Hollywood was looking for the next big space epic to pack theatre seats and earn them millions of dollars at the box office. Some, like Star Trek: The Motion Picture or Battlestar Galactica, were a success. Others, like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, failed. But one movie that was universally disdained on its original release has since gone on to become not just a cult classic but something that is that oh so rare a commodity in film – eventually recognized as being completely freaking awesome. The name of the picture is, of course, Flash Gordon, and if anyone tells you it’s crap fighting words have been spoken. I’ll give you ten reasons why Flash Gordon rocks, one for every finger of the guy whose fingers you are busting up for speaking ill of this film.


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