FloridaSunshineCoast.com’s Hurricane Correspondent Handbook: “Conditions are deteriorating, Dwight.”

What you should say:

When covering a hurricane, there’s no such thing as

overstating the obvious. And, let’s face it, how many

different ways can you say it’s rainy, windy and


To break the monotony, you might take a guess at how

high the “storm surge” will be, even though you won’t

have a clue. Tedious lulls in the action will also offer

the opportunity to ramble on about “feeder bands,” which

is the slick new term for squall lines.

And when the dry, well-fed anchorfolks back in the

air-conditioned studio ask you to sum up the situation

in your location, always say the following:
“Conditions are deteriorating, Dwight.”


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