More on being Huge in Tao…

James M. Freeman II on Facebook:

As a tribute to industry and music Hu and Obama visited the Watt museum with Stevie Wonder.

Obama: Ok it is time for the photo opp, Stevie can you stand next to Hu and Watt?

Stevie: What?

Obama: Yes and Hu

Stevie: Are you asking me?

Obama: I am telling you.

Stevie: Telling me What?

Obama: Yes. Stand over there with Hu.

Stevie: Who?

Obama: Yes Stevie, Hu

Stevie: What are you talking about?

Obama: You, Watt, and Hu stand over there and take a picture. Trust me.

Stevie: Ok, but I don’t know who you mean.

Obama: President Hu

Stevie: You, sir, you are the president.

and so on…


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