Very amused (and surprised) to learn I have a photo credit on the home page of :-)


Created by Joey Brunelle, a.k.a. Goose Rock Design. I have absolutely no affiliation with the MBTA, I just ride the T once in a while.

Inspired by HowFuckedIsMuni. Aren’t the T photos awesome? Give these guys some clicks! Chris Devers, autisticpsycho & especially this guy.

PS – WMATA, you’re next.

Only catch is that I don’t remember taking the Orange line train photo here, and I can’t find the other photos the site says that it uses.

(And skimming the main HTML source didn’t help either — the background image must be getting called indirectly through Javascript or some such thing.)

UPDATE Figured it out. This photo on comes from my Flickr stream here:



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